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Lommoltunturi: There and Back Again

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Even on holidays, you sometimes might run out of time but still want to experience something amazingly beautiful and peaceful. Lommoltunturi is a perfect spot for a short tour in the magical Winter Wonderland forest exposing lovely views across the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. All you need is snowshoes, hiking spirit and a bottle of water.

Lommoltunturi and its twin peaks.

Lommoltunturi has 2 peaks, and the first one closer to the road from Muonio to Raattama, can be easily reached within 1,5-2 hours. From the top you will have great views towards Lake Pallas, Pallastunturi, Sammaltunturi, Keimiötunturi, Levi and even Yllästunturi.

It takes only 25 mins from Muonio to reach Lommoltunturi. To start your journey to the top, park your car here. Parking area is quite small so be mindful to your fellow visitors, Once you have found a spot for your car, head to the left from the parking lot. The route is not marked but normally there are snowshoe/cross-country trail heading into the forest. Unlike at Sammaltunturi (see the other blog post), this time you don't have to worry about the groomed trails - there won't be any official ones.

The route wiggles thru the forest and it's time to time a bit narrow. Just before reaching the open fell,' it might be a bit steep and slippery as well.

Once you reach 'rakka' - the rocky top of the fell - be careful with your snowshoes.

Even during snowy winter, the peaks might be left with very thin layer of snow.

And then: just enjoy the magnificent view.

Keimiötunturi and Lake Jeris seen from Lommoltunturi.

There are no huts or any other man made buildings on this route. In case you fancy a private picnic, I recommend to plan it for a sunny spring day. Remember to bring all the trash back with you - we want to keep the nature clean for the next visitors.

National Park instructions and rules can be found here.

Check the guided snowshoeing tours: Tieva Travels

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